Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Tuesday at the GB Chamber

Today was a great day for networking at the GB Chamber.

I did my usual five minutes on NewsRadio1620 at 8:30 AM.  I must stay on my toes with Rob.  He inspires me to be passionate about issues that impact Gulf Breeze.  Like the bridge replacement project.  We must fight tolls on the bridge.  I would think twice about whether I went east on highway 98 or west if I had to pay.  Panera Bread didn't come to the Publix complex because 25% of their business at their current location in Cordova Mall is from Gulf Breeze.  Wonder if that percent would change with a tolled bridge?  Would shops at the mall in Mary Esther register more 32561/32563 shoppers? Would Gulf Breeze residents start realizing all the hidden assets they could find in their own strip malls and shopping centers?  Business owner, if most of your clients come and go on that bridge to see you, will they come if they have to pay?

Our first LEADs group had a large crowd at their noon meeting today.  That is awesome!  I love that our Business Development Committee has organized great networking opportunities for our members.  Dave Alverson is directing the LEADs group.  Contact him at dave@gulfstateinsurance.com if you are interested in joining.  Neil Tabot is busy setting up new locations for our Face2Face networking.  Touch base with Neil at ntabot@primerica.com for more information.

Until tomorrow, Josie

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